8 Women’s Day Gift For Mom, Sis And Wife

8 Women’s Day Gift For Mom, Sis  And Wife

8 Women’s Day Gift For Mom, Sis And Wife

Women’s day is close on the calendar and closer on our minds with all stress about gifting the perfect gift. Mothers, sisters, wives, girlfriends all eagerly wait to receive their perfect gift. And men on the other hand have very little idea of what to do. From buying or even selecting the gift to making the smaller gesture about it men know very little how to go about it. Women’s day is all about appreciating everything they do for us and even beyond those things that they go through to get past the very basics of expectations. From getting up before going to work to making lunch for everybody to coming back all tired and still busy with the household chores. Putting everyone else in need of hers is also not a small thing. Have you ever wondered what mom wants to have on a celebratory day, probably not when they are too busy making everyone happy? They are no less than good in our lives. They feed us, mentor us and guard us against any possible burden and it’s nowhere near to what they have done for us but this women’s day we can begin with some gifts she may like.

Bonsai plants

Many bonsai plants or lucky bamboo admirers keep these plants at their home already but if your mom does not have one of these yet buy it online and gift her. Bonsai come in many shapes, sizes and are native to different regions. You should pick the one that goes with the size of your house. They are of both categories indoor and outdoor.

God idols

God idols are a good option to give to moms since their dedication and love towards the Almighty is admirable. You can gift her a Ganesha idol or shiv idol. It’s your choice to buy one that fits the size of your house Temple or to go for one that can sit in your living space. Both ways they will be worshipped, cleaned and decorated by your mother.


A wallpaper of scenic beauty or a family picture or her face is a good option. Choose the wall right at the beginning of the house or the bedroom one. You can buy it online, once it gets customised as per your needs you can get it fixed on your wall. It is a thing in luxurious houses, you can get one too.

Visit Chardham

One thing no elderly denies is going to temples. So when you tell your mom that you are about to take her on a trip to Chardham you will find her packing her bags the very next minute. They all are far from each other and thorough planning is required. If you can’t make it to all four at once you could aim for amaranth or Kedarnath.

Office plants

Moms know how to make their peace but when overburdened with work and personal lives they often tend to neglect their inner peace. And so giving your mom an office plant like a peace lily or money plant is not a bad idea. Keep it small and one that does not require much light.

Indoor plants

Many people love to keep indoor plants because of the calm and purity they bring into our lives. Plants like money plants, roses, gerberas, lucky bamboo, air-purifying plants and many more can be chosen for this. They are less required to be watered and are less sensitive to light requirements.

Heavenly blankets

The elderlies in the family always have those blankets that everyone needs but can’t have. They are softer, more comfy, warm and above all, they are the best of what is available to rest and even if it is not we want it because of no apparent reason. Steal that blanket from your parents and instead give them a similar nicer one.

Phone cover

Customised phone covers are a thing these days but elder people are slightly reluctant to go over the board so much. You can get one of such customised photo covers for your mom such as one with a family picture or her solo. You can get it online using customization or you can buy it offline handing the guy a picture you want on the phone.

Hope you have a fun women’s day and can impress the women in your life.