Rhyming Games for Kids

Rhyming Games for Kids

Rhyming Games for Kids

For kids, learning is not an easy task as it includes enormous things. As they grow older they need to master in reading and be fluent with their knowledge. Early readers develop one skill that is rhyming. Learning to rhyme comes naturally, but it is not the same case for many children. Kids need to practice rhyming and should be exposed to it at an early age. It is always a better idea to teach your kid rhyming by using games. We all are aware of the fact that kids love to play games and easily incorporate learning gained by playing games. Rhyming can be defined as a phonemic awareness skill, so its focus should be on how it sounds. While playing games try to include spoken words or pictures, instead of printed words. Kids are always interested to participate in learning activities and when they are exposed to it, they pick it up naturally.

Rhyming activities is one of the most fun things included in the early reading. These activities or rhyming games are engaging, simple, and it’s fun to play. For kids learning to rhyme is crucial because it develops their phonological awareness. It also enhances their ability to hear, identify and manipulate sounds in words. For kids, rhyming and game activities don’t need to be complicated and should be more time taking. Your kid should master the skill of recognizing rhyme before they can produce rhyme.

Here are some activities or games that can help your kid learn rhyming in a fun way:

Fun Rhyming Games for Kids

Game Rhyming Bingo

Parents can make their young kids play bingo games related to rhyming which can be bought from a store or online. You can also try out home-made bingo games which will work out well to cater the needs of the young kids playing.

Memory Rhyming

While playing this memory rhyming game, picture cards can be hand-made or purchased. You need to turn the card upside down while playing this game. This game can be played in groups along with their friends or parents, depending upon the level. Like any other memory based game, kids take individual turns turning over two cards. Make them speak out the word aloud and ask them to identify if the words are rhyming or not. By this way, kids can give the rhyming game a fun and interesting way.


Puzzle games are always said to be valuable for kids’ learning process. Puzzle games can be purchased online, or it can be hand-made. Puzzles based on rhyming activities include relatable pictures that help kids to recognize it quickly. If kids are solving the puzzle without any assistance in such a case self-check is crucial. Always encourage your kids to speak out the rhyming words loud to identify which word sounds similar at the end.

Games Related to Picture Sorting

Picture sorting is also helpful to learn rhyming. As sorting materials you can use cut-outs of magazines, picture cards, children drawings and clip art. Since, this game is related to rhyming make sure the cards are arranged according to their ending sounds. Kids can sort out the rhyming cards with their friends or can ask their parents to help.

Dinner Time Games

Kids who love to play in the kitchen will be interested in playing this rhyming activity. Plastic plates can be utilized to put pictures. Then tell your kid to use chopsticks or spatulas to match rhyming pictures to the right plates.

At the end, we can conclude the article by analysing that rhyming is one of the important pre-reading skills for children. Rhyming ability develops in three unique stages. Rhyming ability can be promoted with the help of books, by playing games, and engaging rhyming activities. You can also engage your kids in hand-on activities or can try DIY activities.

Your kids will not learn to rhyme overnight, but with constant exposure they can master in rhyming. While making your kid learn rhyming words, make sure to keep it fun and light rather than teaching it like a lesson.