Self-Charging Hybrid to Change Taxi Game

Self-Charging Hybrid to Change Taxi Game

Self-Charging Hybrid to Change Taxi Game

It really is a hugely exciting start to 2021, as the  eagerly anticipated self-charging SKODA Octavia hybrid is launched, at last!

The car to change the Taxi Industry

It has been quite a while since the market for hybrid cars has had a real shake up the backside and options available, that is… until now! For taxi drivers it has been slim pickings, to say the least. SKODA’s latest offering is a very welcome asset to their line up and is bursting at the seams with gadgets, well designed, beautifully modern, and also delivering on price point, at just over £300 per month including VAT.

Advanced Tech

The combination of a hybrid drive motor and the alternator into a slick single unit, SKODA has delivered a trusty, consistent and technically advanced piece of kit. The hybrid motor quietly gives the engine a boost up to 20bhp, resulting in a fuel burn reduction, and where your pockets concerned, less filling time at the petrol station.

When you take your foot off the accelerator, the petrol engine cuts out, whilst the hybrid motor seamlessly takes over, allowing the car to coast for up to 40 seconds, without using a drop of fuel. Then if you tap the brake, self-charging roar into action, ready to go for the next fuel-free trip.

Spec and space

SKODA has put some serious thought into this car, with design that makes sure all space is used with high efficiency, and you’ll discover the luggage capacity and legspace are untouchable when compared to other cars in its class.

The hybrid battery is hidden away tucked under the driver’s seat, freeing up ample space for a massive 600 litre boot, whilst your passengers travel in blissful comfort with the increased legroom in the back.

Equipped with a long list of very impressive features, which include a drivers seat lower lumbar support and an arm support, along with leather multi-function steering wheel, climatic air-con and tech to link up your smart devices, the Octavia e-Tec SE will keep you connected and very comfortable throughout those long taxi driving shifts.

There was previously an estate version of the new Octavia that launched back in 2020, which also came with an option of 2 petrol engines, each boasting a mild hybrid set up for further improved fuel economy. However, these do not run solely on electric power. There’s also a 2 litre diesel engine, with an option to upgrade to 4 wheel drive or a sportier VRS version of the hybrid plug-in.

This car is certainly going to be a winner for both taxi drivers and passengers who want to book a taxi that is all round better for the environment.