Should We Choose Free PWA Templates?

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Should We Choose Free PWA Templates?

In the world of web development, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are now the wave of the future. As a result, there are a number of available PWA development solutions in which PWA templates stand out from the rest to be the most commonly used.

They are often classified into two groups by price: free & premium. Here are some reasons why you should and should not choose a PWA template that is free of charge.

Why Free PWA Templates?

If you are a developer, an open-source PWA template will do good for your practice in building Progressive Web Apps, especially when you are a newbie.

Provide useful information

This will not only help you to gain more experience but also acquire valuable knowledge about coding PWA.

Practice makes perfect. You will know how a PWA actually works in the wake of self-training, which makes the development of improved versions in the future a breeze.

Can be used as a base

As stated in the previous part, from this foundation, you will be able to build a new PWA version on your own for later use after managing to decipher the base code.

Applying free PWA templates to customers’ sites will help to speed your working progress up and save your time.

Why Are Open-source PWA Templates Not Recommended?

Free PWA website templates are not for end clients who are business owners and desire to update their e-commerce sites to a new level.

Price and quality are two sides of the same coin. In this case, “free” means “mediocre” or even “low-grade” due to factors that are listed below.

Unattractive designs

If being juxtaposed with a premium theme, it can be seen clearly that a zero-cost PWA template is not as aesthetic as its counterpart. Its catalog of ready-made designs is normally either in short supply or not eye-catching at all.

Everyone knows that first impression is often associated with a first look that lives in our heads rent-free. Thus, a graceful design does play a really important role in the PWA performance.

Few ready-to-use functionalities

We cannot expect too much from an open-source PWA theme due to its “price”. As its name, this version of PWA is created to be changed and updated. Because of that, it does not provide many functions but needs to be integrated with them later on.

Not guaranteed code quality

The most distinctive point between the two types of PWA templates is their code quality.

A premium PWA template’s quality is ensured because it was developed by professionals and always tested beforehand by the suppliers. Whereas the free one can be coded by anyone even the amateurs which means that its quality is not up to standard.

For these reasons, in order to give the best performance, free PWA templates need to be customized by skillful developers. This is a real effort and will take up a lot of time not to mention a huge amount of money invested in the changes.

That’s why merchants are encouraged to buy PWA premium themes that are finished and integrated with more functions. The price which is thought to be expensive at first turns out to be acceptable at the moment.

After including every cost, the total expense for a premium PWA template may even be much cheaper than that of a free one.

Tips For Picking A High-Quality PWA Template

Lousy PWA templates are rife in the marketplace so how can we recognize what is the high-quality one? The answer is that you should choose PWA templates having the following characteristics:

Premium price

As we mentioned, a premium PWA template will make your site performs better thanks to stable code quality which is always verified by following certain standards.

Optimized design

A unique and aesthetic design that is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices will help your business win customers’ hearts at first sight. Besides, you need to find a theme with a design that matches your business concept.

Therefore, it would be no exaggeration to say that this is one of the indispensable attributes of a high-quality PWA template.

Various built-in features

You must check in advance whether that PWA template has full PWA core features or not. They are to deliver the best experiences of using a real Progressive Web App to users.

Permission for customization

PWA themes are not perfect in the first place but only after the progress of improvement and update. Hence, you need to make sure that your theme of choice allows customization to satisfy your different demands.

There are more facets that we can look at but they are the most noticeable features of a first-class PWA template.

In Brief

No matter who you are, you must have had your own decision after reading these words.

As a developer, choosing a free PWA theme may cause more challenges but is helpful to your learning progress. However, as an end client, a premium PWA template is obviously a safer choice in all aspects.