The Most Popular Silver Coins to Invest In

The Most Popular Silver Coins to Invest In

The Most Popular Silver Coins to Invest In

Are you looking for a good way to invest your money in this tough economic climate? You should be. 2020 proved to many how unpredictable life can be and how we should always be prepared for the worst. If like most people, 2020 hit your finances hard, then you have a long way ahead to make up for those loses. A lot of people have had to find novel ways to get buy and that may have included dipping into their savings. When this is all over and the world returns to normal, a lot of people will have gaping holes in their investment plans, especially retirement plans. If you have a self managed superannuation fund you might want to buy silver bullion SMSF as a hedge and as a less risky investment to make this might be a good time to look at assets that cheap to buy but hold their value and can serve as a hedge in case we hit another global crisis. Look at assets that have been tried, tested and proven to be the best wealth creators, buy silver SMSF.

Silver is a better choice when you are cash strapped because the alternative, which is gold, can be extremely expensive. Silver is also more portable. You can slip a couple of coins in your pocket and liquidate them coins when you need to. Before you plan your investment strategy, it is perhaps a good idea to weigh the different opportunities available to you. Plan for the worst case scenario and put mechanisms or invest in assets that can help you weather the worst storms. Take calculated risks with your investments when you are still young. Learn what is good or not so good in the process and go at it.  Retirement should be easy. You shouldn’t have to worry about where your monthly income is going to come from but work on your health and wellbeing. This is the best time for you to tackle those things that have been in your bucket list that you were not able to do.

If you are going to buy silver SMSF coins, then you need to do your due diligence on the coins. There are a couple of silver bullion coins, that are popular and almost always command more than just at fair price:

American Eagle Single Coins

America Eagle coins are the most popular and widely recognized gold bullion. These coins are minted and backed by the U.S government. This government backing makes these coins the most sought after coins in the world.

The Canadian Maple Leafs Silver Bullion Coins

Like the American eagle, the Maple leaf is the flagship brand of the Canadian bullion investment community and it is highly regarded amongst investors.  The Royal Canadian Mint not only breaks record and set trends as the first mint to produce 5-nine fine gold bullion or producing the biggest gold coin in the world, it also prides itself in the minting of silver bullion coins. Canadian Maple Leaf Silver bullion coins have been popular for over two decades. They are recognized everywhere in the world, which makes them easy to liquidate and a great investment product.

Austrian Silver Philharmonics Coin

We’ve touched on two of the world’s most popular silver bullion coins but there are more from other countries like the Silver Philharmonics from Austria. This is considered to be even better than the Canadian Maple leaf or the American Silver eagle coins because of its beautiful and intricate design. Austrian Harmonics also sell at a higher premium than most other silver bullion coins.