What Equipment Is Needed for Boxing?

What Equipment Is Needed for Boxing?

What Equipment Is Needed for Boxing?

You do not need many things to begin your boxing adventure, just confidence and attire. It would help if you also had a gym and equipment like gloves and a punching bag. Boxing is a complex sport, but it becomes more enjoyable if you do it for fitness.

It is advisable to get things started from the first day. You can only achieve this by having the correct equipment. Boxing is among the most common sports in the world, and its popularity is rising. Remember, protection is essential in any combat sport.

All participants should have the correct gear to stay free from injuries. Proper attire also helps the student to get the most out of the sport. Below we look at the equipment you need to begin your boxing career.

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Boxing Gloves

A pair of boxing gloves is the essential equipment you need before you begin boxing. These gloves keep your hands safe from damage as you spar. They also ensure your opponent is safe from injuries. This shows how important they are.

Most beginners buy the cheapest gloves at the stores. However, this is not advisable because these gloves do not last long. Gloves that cost $30 or less get worn out faster than others. These gloves also harm your hands because they have not undergone inspection.

It is advisable to spend much more on gloves because they are vast determinants of your safety. The gloves to use also depend on the training you will do. Light gloves are preferred for pad work because they let you focus on speed.

Inner Gloves

It is not a must for all beginners to have inner gloves when training. However, they would be a great addition to your first day. A single punch has pressure on all the bones in hand. This means that a lousy punch can cause damage to these bones.

Fighters are advised to use these inner gloves to stay safe. These inner gloves consist of fabrics that act as protective shocks. These inner gloves offer more protection to the hand than boxing gloves. This, in turn, prevents any damage to the wrist.

Most fighters prefer inner gloves because they keep the knuckles secure. It is also easy to put these gloves on.

Groin Guard

The groin guard is primarily essential for men. Remember, the groin is among the most sensitive part of the body. Your groin will get damaged if you subject it to a hard hit. A brutal hit in the groin makes even the most muscular men weak.

Boxing has its personalized groin guard, which is known as a ‘no foul’ guard. It protects the kidneys and lower stomach. However, there are other types of guards, but the latter is the best.

Gum Shield

The body heals itself fast in case of an injury, but this is not the case for teeth. This is why you should look after them in a fight. Gum shields are up to the task. They keep your teeth safe by absorbing the impact.

Most fighters use these shields to prevent concussions. However, this is yet to be proven. Most pro-fighters use custom mouth guards, which are expensive. Beginner fighters use essential guards that still offer protection.

Head Gear

Headgear is more common in boxing than in other sports. It is impossible to train in some gyms without it. Even though this kit is not crucial during boxing, they help to keep fighters safe.

Remember, fighters receive many hits to their heads throughout their career. These gears keep them free from any injury. Headgears are available in different styles, and all offer protection. However, it would help if you went for a model that keeps you safe and free.

Boxing Shorts

You can wear all sorts of shorts during boxing, as long as you can move freely. Boxing’s movement is not complicated like other sports. This means the shorts should be above the groin.

Great shorts are made of synthetic materials that do not accumulate sweat. These shorts are also more comfortable for all boxing requirements.


Most fighters attend their first boxing class without shoes. However, it is advisable to have boxing boots. They enable you to move swiftly and keep your feet safe and stable.

Boxing boots also make you more flexible than other random shoes. The primary advantage is that they improve your movement.

Fitness Trackers

This wearable technology gives you a better understanding of every workout. These trackers enable you to track the heart rate and intensity. They allow you to know when you break a target or when you should push harder.


Boxing is a great sport that is becoming more popular. Its increased popularity has made many people consider joining it.

You can use the above information to know what you should have before your first class.